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Farmers turn to GMO-free crops to boost income; Stonebridge, eMerge included in Des Moines Register feature (04/20/2015)

Farmer interest in growing non-GMO crops is on the upswing, according to a feature in the Des Moines Register April 18th. That trend bears out what many members of the Midwest Shippers Association (MSA) that specialize in food grade, non-GMO crops are seeing this spring, according to MSA Executive Director Bruce Abbe. Following are excerpts from the story.

EPA may recommend testing food for glyphosate residues (04/20/2015)

U.S. regulators may start testing food products for residues of the world's most widely used herbicide, Reuters news reported April 17. The Environmental Protection Agency told Reuters news service it is considering the move as public concern rises over possible links to disease. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, has come under intense scrutiny since a research unit of the World Health Organization reported last month it was classifying glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic to humans." The herbicide is considered safe by the EPA, as well as many foreign regulatory agencies, including in the European Union.

Senator asks GAO to study West Coast port congestion (04/20/2015)

WASHINGTON --A U.S. senator from Nebraska is asking Congress watchdog agency to study the labor-related disruption at U.S. West Coast ports, the latest sign of Congress getting more involved in curbing marine terminal congestion that threatens the nations economic growth, the Journal of Commerce and other transportation trade media reported last week.

LA, Long Beach container volumes roar back; but aftermath of West Coast port crisis needs more sorting out (04/20/2015)

Container volumes at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach came roaring back in March, the Journal of Commerce reported April 16, with the largest U.S. port complex reporting a 24 percent increase in container traffic compared to March 201. However export loads were down. While much progress have been made in a short time frame, the aftermath of the West Coast ports labor crisis needs a lot more sorting out to get regular service patterns back to normal, according to the head of the Midwest Shippers Association.

Ukraine grain firm NIBULON exports reach 3.1 million tons so far this year (04/20/2015)

KIEV, UKRAINE - Ukrainian grain firm NIBULON has exported nearly 3.1 million tonnes of grain and oil crops through the end of March, the company said on April 17, World Grain reported today.

China ag ministry says its confident of food self-sufficiency (04/20/2015)

BEIJING -- China is confident the nation's "rice bowl" will be firmly held in its own hands, according to an agriculture ministry report, Xinhua reported today, April 20. The country will remain self-sufficient in producing its main food crops and food consumption will have guaranteed safety by the end of the next decade, according to the newly-released China Agricultural Outlook Report (2015-2024).

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